IAS Compaines

IAS Tecnologies ( Switzerland & Turkey )

Core Technology developer and license holder of softwares

Canias ERP PVT

Carries all functions ; technology development , sales and consultancy in India

IAS Germany

Oldest company of IAS Holding in Europe with its 3 offices in Germany ( Karlsruhe , Düsseldorf , Hamburg )

IAS Turkey

Market leader in ERP business in Turkey with its 3 offices in Turkey ( İstanbul , Ankara , İzmir )


Represents Holding in rapidly growing Middle East market more than 10 years

IAS Korea

After a strong entry to market in 2018 , represents Holding in Far East Asia

IAS Switzerland

Second Sales and Consultancy company of Holding in central Europe established in 2019


Established by the beginning of 2020 , represents the Holding in America Continent


IBA - IAS Business Academy

Learning and Development Centre contributing to active use of caniasERP modules, increasing ERP software usage efficiency, software usability, and converting these into operational effectiveness and business excellence.


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